One of my favorite things about photography is the opportunity it affords to connect with people you may otherwise not. I’ve known Evan for a good portion of my life – or more accurately I should say I’ve known of him. He’s one of my best friends brother-in-law, which put us both in that wedding years ago. Here and there we’ve bumped into each other, but never really had a reason to chat further. The last time I ran into him though, I thought I would like to make a portrait or two of him. He was all for it, and the portraits were made. The special part though, came afterwards when we grabbed some dinner at the wonderful Faces cafe right here in downtown St. Paul. We had the best conversation and I’m now looking forward to the next time we run into each other. Photography is a great way to connect with other people, and I appreciate the privilege to do that. Now, you have to check out Sarah’s blog for her ‘My Minnesota’ post this month. As always, thanks so much for having a look!