Conzelman Road | Scenic Sunday

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Conzelman Road | Scenic Sunday


When Madie & I (Charlotte was along too!) were in San Francisco this year, we drove on the road above – Conzelman Road – which is just north west of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a beautiful spot that affords some fantastic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. Conzelman Road is definitely the twisty-est mountain drive we’ve ever taken. It felt like at any moment we would tumble over the edge and plummet down to the ocean. :) That didn’t happen of course (just like us to be overdramatic!) and we drove it a couple times. Looking back at this image makes me already want to take my girls back out west and enjoy more of the beautiful sights.

We are sloooowly getting back into a pseudo routine. Sleepless nights? Check. Constant diaper changes? Check check. Loving EVERY second of our new little family? Check check check. We have some new pictures of Lottie to share soon as well as catch up on lots of client stuff.

Thanks SO much for stopping by and enjoying our latest work. We wish you a fantastic week!!

(Remember this and all images from our Scenic Sunday project are available for purchase in our Client Area! Also, if you suggest a location to us here or on Facebook and we end up posting an image from that location, we’ll send you a free print, so suggest away!!)

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