Madie is the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. We’ve been married for 13 years and are soon to have two wonderful little girls. I’m the most blessed person to have someone so lovely love me. I’m happy to share her image this month for a special reason…

A wonderful photographer I admire contacted me recently about starting up a blog circle with her and some other local photographers. The goal? To present to our viewers Minnesota through our lenses. Because I respect her work very much and I really would like to be blogging more often I accepted the invitation. Thanks SO much Sarah for the invite. (Check out Sarah’s work for yourself at

After some thought about where I might focus my efforts in this monthly feature I decided to feature portraits of people here in MN that are important to me and/or that have interesting history here. Who better to start with than my beautiful Madie? When you are done here, please click on to Sarah’s post for the month.

Thanks so much for your time – as always, it is appreciated.