Do you find it’s easy to take the people you love for granted? Everyone gets busy with important things and stress can keep us from taking the time we should to focus on the people we love most. Sometimes, we justify the time we don’t spend on or with them thinking that we have to provide other stuff for them to be happy. Stick with me for a few minutes and let’s go just a bit deep.


First off, think about those people you love the most. Your spouse? Your kids? Your parents? A good friend? Just make a list in your mind, or even write it down. Now, think about this: If today was the very last day that they would ever see you, what would you do with them or for them today? Go ahead and answer that question for each person on your list now. What did you come up with. Did things like cleaning all the dishes, staying at the office an extra hour or two or taking some ‘me’ time to relax alone make the list? I’m guessing the answers looked more like hugs, kisses and time together.


We could look at it from the standpoint of ‘what if today was the last day I ever get to see that person’. But, might that be a selfish approach? There are people in our lives who rely on us, who have a bond with us, who would give their lives for us, and who’s survival depends on us. They love us unconditionally. They forgive us. When they think forward into their own futures, they have us in their plans. It’s an amazing privilege and honor to be someone like that for another human. Is it easy to take that for granted? Absolutely. We all do probably.


I’m not perfect. I could do better with this myself. My point is though, if we just take a few minutes occasionally to test out who and what we are actually showing is most important to us, we can be happier. But, more importantly than our own happiness, we can show the people that we love that they mean more to us than a few more dollars, a clean kitchen or some ‘alone’ time. Won’t they be happier if we do? Realize the impact your life makes on the people you love and then let them see you appreciate that. Be honest – when we put the other things first, do the people who love us and love spending time with us notice that too?


There are so many simple things we can do together with the people we love that communicates we care about them the way they care about us. If you are looking for an idea though, how about a photo session? It doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t have to be complex. But it is a way to show other people you care.


Whatever you do, don’t take the people who love you for granted. Realize that in this world, the day will come when the people you love will be without you. Don’t wait until the day before to show them you care.