We are so happy to share that come this summer, our family will be growing by one! With just months between now and their arrival, we’ve been busy prepping for life with two little ones. It’s really been exciting.

Of course, our entire point of reference for what to expect with the approaching addition comes from Charlotte. With the help of the excellent app PhotoStickies (free on the Mac app store) we’ve been enjoying many of the images we’ve captured of Charlotte from the get-go. While it’s only been two and a half years since she joined us, it’s unbelievable to look back at just how much she’s changed since birth, and how much she’s changed along the way.

The thought that just keeps jumping out at me is this: Just because something is familiar now does not mean it will be familiar forever. It’s seems that human nature tricks us into believing that things are not always changing. It’s a mental con though. Even the mundane evolves in some ways over time – changing slowly and steadily.

Therefore, ask yourself this: What memories are you willing to part with? Which moments aren’t worth keeping? Something might be fresh in mind now, but just give that a year or two. There will be so many new familiar things that the previous ones get crowded out and lost. Without some form of capture – photographs, video, a journal, etc, there’s much that could be lost.

Looking back at just a couple years worth of photos I am extremely grateful that we’ve lugged around a heavy camera bag so often. I get to relive moments in my life that I am sure would have long been forgotten by now. There’s not a single memory I see that I would not want to have now. After all, the little everyday moments are what add up into the important parts of life.

We would absolutely love to capture some memories for you now. It’s impractical to have us with you 24/7 or course, but how about planning for a couple shoots this year? The truth is, even with two shoots in one year, you’ll still probably spend less on photos then on your internet costs this year (just add up your home internet and cellular data costs – you’ll see!). Either way, I’m am absolutely sure that there will come a point in everyones life where having the memories captured will far outweigh whatever it took to create them. Why not starting planning a spring family session now? You’ll never regret it.

PS – the same principles are true in regards to your wedding. It’s probably all you think about while planning, but it doesn’t take long after the big day and those memories really do start to fade. You’ll never regret investing in excellent wedding photography. We have you covered there as well. :)