People in their places – that always makes for a great portrait. I was excited when I was given the chance to capture Ann in her own environment. She had just started working for an interior designer and needed website headshots. She wanted her design sensibilities to compliment the image which lead us to shoot in her apartment in the Pioneer Building. As you will see below, she is very talented and had an amazing apartment to shoot in.



Behind The Scenes: Windows with good light coming in set the tone for the mood of a room. Because of that it was very important in this case to preserve the feel that the available light provided. In the top shot however, the light coming in from the window was not bright enough to strike a balance with the lamp just outside the left side of the frame. Still, I wanted to mood from the lamp to come through on the mirror and table details so I couldn’t just turn it off. Instead, I bounced a bare flash up into the ceiling and wall right by the window. I added enough flash power until the balance between sources equalized. This kept things feeling very natural but gave me the control I needed to make sure Ann’s face was lit beautifully. In the second image two large windows were present in the room we moved too and no additional lighting was needed. Both images work well together though.

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