Have you ever been interested in doing business with a company so you Google them and are unable to find a website? Did you begin to wonder if they were a legitimate business?


With the pervasiveness of social media today, business leads and potential employers are no doubt searching you out online before they meet you. So, what do you think runs through their mind when they find one of these:




Could they be thinking…


“Are they a real person?”
“They must be new to technology.”
“They couldn’t even figure out how to upload a picture?”
“Are they hiding something?”
“Maybe they lack confidence.”
“Are they a good choice for my business?”


Which of those thoughts would you like to be your very first impression with someone new?


Out To Dinner


Here’s another way to look at it. Restaurants are not obligated to put pictures of their food on their menus. However, many choose to do so. Imagine that you go to a restaurant that has set aside space in their menus for images. When you open the menu you find placeholder images of generic food items instead of photographs of the food. Would you be impressed? Would you order?


In most cases, you are not obligated to create any social media accounts. However, if you make the choice to put yourself out there and you are hoping to connect with business leads or to advance your career, then a profile picture is a must. Consider the prominent exposure that image gets. It’s the first thing others see when viewing your profile. It’s attached to everything you share, post and update. It’s used in lists of Connections, Friends, and Followers. It’s essentially your brand and social media puts it everywhere it puts you. It’s extremely important.

Look Great and Stand Out

So why is it then that so many people have a placeholder profile picture and how can I help you overcome these issues?


I should wait until I slim down, bulk up, cut my hair, grow my hair, etc.
Don’t miss the purpose of a business headshot. The goal is to show how kind and approachable you are, how easy you are to do business with. It’s really not about attractiveness or physical perfection. Besides, you’re perfect just the way you are.


I don’t look good in pictures.
That just means you’ve not been in front of the right photographer. I’ll work with you until you have a picture you are really proud of. Sometimes it’s the first shot, sometimes its many more clicks. I won’t rush you and we’ll work together until you feel really good about the image. Trust me – I’m in no rush at all.


I’m nervous to put myself out there.
Just remember – if you have already created a social media account, you have already put yourself out there! And it’s true, seeing yourself can be a little like hearing your own recorded voice. But, just think of all the people around you who love you, who want you to succeed and who count you as a friend. They already like how you look without changing anything. Don’t believe me? Just ask them.


I just don’t have time!
You can pick a day and time off of our calendar that works best for you to drop by the studio. Or, let me come to your office or home! I can setup just about anywhere. It doesn’t get easier than that.


It’s going to cost too much!
Did you know you can get a professional headshot with retouching included for just $149? Still too much? If you have a group of people who need headshots we can cut that price by nearly two thirds!


I really don’t know how to upload a picture!
No worries. We’ve all been there and I’ll be help happy to help you figure it out.


The Point




You’ll gain your investment back many times over when you take the time to present yourself online with a quality image. It’s easy, affordable and you’ll just love your image. Learn more about our headshot services here or click here to book a session now! Thanks for spending a few minutes here and I’ll catch you next time!