The Minnesota Boat Club is one of our all-time favorite venues. It’s classy, cozy and full of character. You’ll be covered whether you want a nautical feel or desire the St. Paul skyline as your backdrop. There are at least three wonderful ceremony locations available – one inside the Boat Club itself. That means you even have a built in ‘Plan B’ if you want your ceremony outside and it happens to rain. We find that the warm inviting feel at the Boat Club encourages guests to mingle and enjoy themselves. Mintáhoe is excellent at what they do and you can count on things always running smoothly. Visit St. Paul’s Raspberry Island to see it for yourself.


  • St. Paul, MN – Downtown
  • All-In-One venue
  • Amazing scenery
  • Cozy comfortable feel for guests
  • Variety of backdrops, all within walking distance
  • Lot’s of parking
  • Website

We think simple weddings are best. One of the easiest ways to keep stress down on your wedding day is to choose a venue that you can stay at all day. You will save time and stress when you can get ready, have the ceremony and reception without having to move. Learn more Tips To Simplify Your Wedding Day.