This summer Abby helped me out by modeling for some portraits while I tested out some lighting setups. Abby’s the best! Thanks for the help with this! And thanks to Leann for keeping the lights from blowing away. Leann’s the best too!




Behind the Scenes

So, what lighting did I test out? The overall idea was to bring lights I generally only use in the studio into nature and blend them together. In the first image I used a beauty dish centered right over Abby’s face. The sun was setting behind and made for some excellent color. The trick was just to balance the light from the beauty dish with the sunset. In the second image the sun was still quite a bit higher in the sky. I used an octobox high and to the right to fill in some exposure while Abby was backlit. In the third image Abby was turned facing the sun. I underexposed everything just a bit and used an octobox high and to the right again to bring Abby’s exposure as you see it here. So, it’s a blend of setting sun and a strobe. Any questions let me know below!

Thanks for spending a minute here. YOU are the best too!