When I was photographing Amy & Curt on their engagement shoot, I noticed that Curt had some very unique eyes. I asked him if I could create a portrait of him to try and capture them. He agreed and here’s what we ended up with!



So, how was this shot?




Behind the Scenes


Thanks to Alec grabbing this shot for me, you can see how it was done. I used a socked beauty dish super close to Curt. I looked for three things when lighting this. First, Curt’s eyes had to pop. Second, that there was just a drop of light on his right check. Third, that the light would fall off fast. I shot this with my Fuji X-T1 and 56mm 1.2. The files that come out of that camera are incredible. I could blow them up to any size I want. I’m guessing Amy will probably make this into a poster for her room… Just guessing. :)


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