Perrin was one of our brides this year so you’ll see some other pictures of her around here. When I was photographing her on the school bus that was moving us from the reception venue to the church I noticed just how deep blue her eyes are. At our meeting after the wedding I asked her if she would let me photograph her in a more formal portrait setting to try and capture those eyes. Here’s what we ended up with.


TMF21665-Edit TMF21778-Edit


Behind the Scenes


In the first shot above, I used a LED light panel (a YN-900) inside of a Westcott Apollo Orb. I removed the barndoors (pretty much useless other than protecting the LEDs in transport) and aimed the panel into the Orb. You can get very soft light out of the Orb because by design you aim the light source into the reflective back and it bounces all around before coming out of the front diffuser. They are inexpensive, quick to setup and well made. I used continuous light so that I could get Perrin’s pupils dialed down a bit for more blue and also shoot wide open. The Orb was camera right and positioned high and pointed down.


In the second shot I used a AB800 with a medium octabox off to the right of the camera and high. I also placed a large white reflector on camera left to soften up the shadows.


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Thanks for your time!