“When I’m in St. Paul in July, I’ll bring you a copy.”


When my phone rang, I was taken a little by surprise. Steven Malikowski was standing outside our studio door waiting with a present. Unfortunately, I wasn’t downtown at the studio that particular day. We set up a time and a couple days later I was face to face with Steven.


Steven wrote a book and was looking for an image for the cover design. He had found this image on Capture Minnesota that I had shared quite a while ago. He had contacted me and asked for permission to use the image and I was happy to let him. Now, in my studio, he presented two copies of the book to me as a thank you. Then we chatted about the journey that is writing a book and bringing it to publication. Steven was kind and sincere. He was an open book (pun absolutely intended) with the knowledge he acquired over the past years while completing this project and I learned a lot.


In the age of same day, next day, overnight, etc, it was an almost fresh perspective to hear of a work that took several years. It was a reminder that slowing down and creating something that takes time, thought and planning gives rich rewards.


To finish up our visit Steven agreed to let me photograph him. I love photographing anyone, especially those I find particularly interesting, and I suppose anyone who uses an image of mine for their book cover falls in that category.


Here are Steven and his book.


0002_SMP TMF23784


Thanks so much for stopping by for a few moments!