“But, we’re doing just fine already.” That was my response to Madie’s initial idea of starting a photography business. And it was true. Money aside though, I dreaded the thought of going to work. Work that was completed and then replaced a year later. The future was feeling like an unfulfilling loop. The idea of being photographers grew on me, and as always, Madie was right. Over 8 years and thousands and thousands of images later, here we are!


Current Status


I am a fulltime photographer and Madie is a stay-at-home mom/business partner. We have a cozy and inviting photo studio in St. Paul’s historic First National Bank Building. Our work has been featured on the walls of several satisfied clients. Our images have also found their way into publication on occasion. We’ve been honored to have images selected for Capture Minnesota three years in a row. You may have even seen a shot or two on TPT on occasion. From the cover of a novel to brochures for the Minnesota Museum of Modern Art, our images have found varied and interesting homes.


Our family


Madie & I were married in 2001. We have two lovely daughters. They are adorable and the best things that have ever happened to us. Yes, we have thousands of pictures of the girls, and yes, they get tired of seeing the camera. But, we persist on. I grew up in and around St. Paul and Madie grew up in Hutchinson. We currently call Inver Grove Heights home.


Wrapping Up


If you would like to learn more about us then please fill out our contact form and I’d be happy to meet with you. To all of our clients who have trusted us with their valuable memories so far, we are very grateful. Behind our lens, the future looks good!


– Tim