Perfect memories from a perfect day

Where’s Your Focus On Your Wedding Day?

Hint: It’s not on your photographer. After all, it’s your wedding, NOT a photo shoot! We want you focused on the people who matter most. You’ll love our out-of-the-way approach. You might even forget we’re there. When you do see us, we are always kind and calm—no matter what (or who) is happening around you.

Shrink Your To-Do List

Have a million things to do? Good news! Your wedding photography tasks just moved to our list. You can start by ditching the huge shot list you’ve heard you need. We don’t use them. We’ll help you create a simple photo timeline that’s easy to stick to and ensure you get the shots you REALLY want without wasting time. We’ll take the lead in setting up your engagement shoot. We’ll reach out to you for the necessary details. We’ll remind you to pay your bill. Let our expertise make your life easier.

The Images You Really Want

Honest images with feeling that show humans being human never go out of style. Capturing real moments as they happen is always our first priority. Forget gimmicks, jump shots, and keeping track of “must-have” trendy photos. Moving imagery is all about people. How did your parents feel the day you were married? How much fun did your friends have? That’s what we want you to see when you look through your photos. We use our years of experience to find those moments at each wedding.

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